Monday, February 13, 2012

Buzz Bee Ultimate Missile Blast Review

If you don't count the numerous Berserker re-shells, the Buzz Bee Ultimate Missile Blast is the newest of the Buzz Bee air blasters. It was part of the Ultimate series of blasters which could clip together. Unfortunately, it didn't stay on the shelves for very long as it was replaced by the next generation of combining blasters.

The BBUMB is capable of connecting to other Ultimate series blasters, although connecting to other blasters generally only makes it bulkier without giving any serious advantages. Perhaps most usefully, the BBUMB is capable of connecting to other BBUMBs, although the usefulness of this is up for debate. The BBUMB was also the first blaster to include glow missiles. They are not significantly different from the original Buzz Bee missiles except that they light up when fired.

The box claims that the BBUMB is capable of 30ft ranges. In my experience, the BBUMB is capable of 30ft ranges, but it is wildly inconsistent among shots and among other BBUMBs. In practice, a BBUMB will take anywhere from 5-9 pumps to fill and will fire its missiles anywhere from 25-35ft. This seems to be an issue with manufacturing tolerances more than anything else.

As a missile blaster, the BBUMB isn't very good, but it has the potential to be a very powerful NIC primary. The BBUMB has the second largest air tank of any legal NIC blaster, it is only smaller than the Big Blast and its variants. The most common mod is to simply plug the pump and attach a coupler in place of the missile post.


  1. I Integrated a nitefinder on the bottom. The way I see it, if you have a single shot pump, then having a more accurate secondary fire would be nice if you missed because my experience with the BBUMB, the misle wasn't very accurate.

  2. so plugging the OPR and pump is war legal?