Wednesday, February 22, 2012

N-Strike Elite

It's definitely official; Nerf is planning to release the Elite series later this year. The major draw are the advertised 75 feet ranges for each blaster. So far there have been three blasters confirmed; the Retaliator, the Rampage, and the Hail Fire.
The Retaliator and Ramage are updates of the Recon and Raider respectively, while the Hail Fire is an entirely new blaster all together.

All of the remakes will come with something new other than the increased range. The Retaliator is getting a new stock, foregrip, and a larger capacity clip (I would guess either 10 or 12 darts). The Rampage is getting a new 25 dart drum.

The Hail Fire doesn't seem like it's getting any special accessories, but it looks like it's a flywheel blaster with a rotating clip selector that appears to hold 4 clips.

In addition to the blasters, the series will feature a new Elite dart for each blaster to fire. It is similar in shape to a streamline or clip system dart, but it is supposed to have a whistler head. These darts will most likely be made of a denser foam and may lack the back post hole.

The first of the series is supposed to release on 8.1.12 and ending with the Hail Fire's release on the traditional 9.9.12.



 Hail Fire

Elite Dart

You can view the official commercial here:

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