Monday, May 21, 2012

Larami Super Soaker CPS Super Charger 500

People generally remember the CPS line as the golden age of Super Soakers, ranging from medium sized to great behemoths of water-shooting power. However, amongst the big and bigger soakers of the line, there was one created more 'kid-sized':

The CPS Super Charger 500 was the smallest of the CPS line produced, measuring only about 18" long compared to the 34" of the CPS 2000 and 2500. Still, despite its small size, the 500 is still a CPS, and like any CPS, it outputs a lot of power for its size. Despite being so small, the CPS 500 outputs a stream of water that you might expect from one of the larger soakers of today. It certainly outclasses anything produced in the last couple years.


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