Monday, May 28, 2012

Original Buzz Bee Double Shot

I finally went out and got a dedicated SD card for my new camera, so I can start taking both good pictures and good video. I also have a couple of days off, which hopefully means more content (and maybe mod guides). To start it off, here's a video that's been up for a little while without any posts; the original Buzz Bee Double Shot:

For all intents and purposes, the original Double Shot is identical to the much more mass produced Orange and Green version, with the major difference being the coloring. It primes and fires in the same way, shells eject after the back opens and the stock opens up to store up to 4 shells. I did find this particular Double Shot lacking in range, only achieving about 10' ranges. I'm not sure if the original generally had poor performance or if this one is just old, but my research indicates the latter. 

While there is no benefit per say for the older model over the newer colors (the other side-by-side, not the over-under), I personally think it looks better. 



  1. I used to have a doubleshot, ranges were about 30 feet angled. I was actually impressed with the overall ranges however needing to find the shells again after and reloading kind of sucked.

    On the plus side you could do the whole cowboy thing pretty awesome and nothing feels quite the same as shooting someone twice on the same trigger pull, nor the feeling of having the shells pop out after your done blasting your enemies XD

  2. Where did you get this old buzz bee double shot.