Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Prettiest Princess

I'd like to preface this post by apologizing for taking an unannounced leave of absence. A lot of things have come up lately and I haven't had much time for Nerf. I also don't believe in posting 'progress reports' and other such things that are mainly filler. Unfortunately, most of the Nerf I have been doing involves a lot of half-finished projects. That being said, I have gotten through some of them:

The Prettiest Princess, as I like to call this project, is a proof of concept of sorts. Most of the projects I've been working on lately are reshelled air guns, as I have a good number of air tanks without homes. However, the biggest problem I've been running into was finding a shell that would fit these air tanks without an inordinate amount of work. My breakthrough finally came when I picked up two Tek 10s thrifting the other day. 

Tek 10s are, for lack of a better word, the perfect shell for the job. The shell is relatively spacious, the front of the blaster is huge, and the trigger pull is decently long. However, the greatest part is that the structures made to support the turret translate nearly perfectly to many air tanks. The Ultimate Missile Blast tank inside fit so snugly that it isn't even glued down.    

Internally, it's just a singled Ultimate Missile Blast. It shoots slugs over 100' at 4 pumps, but by far it's best use is firing a 7 shot absolver 30-40'. For war use, it would probably be outfitted with either a speedloader or a hopper. 

Moving forward, Tek 10s will almost certainly be the basis for my eventual Semi-Auto air gun project. In the meantime, The Prettiest Princess will probably be used as a loaner. I'm even considering giving it a paint job; if I do, I'll post that as well. 


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