Thursday, August 23, 2012

In Pursuit of Perfection (Recons Need Not Apply)

Most of you that follow this blog or watch my videos are mostly involved in lightly modified or stock class events. Most engagements probably happen within 30' and the extent of dart modifications is the guy who puts hot glue or airsoft BBs in the heads of his streamlines. Strictly speaking, there's nothing wrong with being this kind of nerfer, but there is a sort of big leagues of Nerf, and that is the NIC. Some of you will eventually cross over for whatever reason. But just as a college team would be outclassed by a major league team, Nerfers who come to NIC wars quickly find themselves outgunned and outclassed. At times, it can feel so one-sided that it will seem impossible to reach the other side, and that can drive new Nerfers away from the sport.

It's important to note at this time that no Nerfer is a top competitor at their first war. However, just because you won't be the best doesn't mean you have to be the worst, and you can still be competitive the whole day.

As such, I will be releasing a series of posts (and possibly videos) that will detail various topics pertaining to NIC wars. I will talk about effective primaries, but also why they're more effective. I'll detail construction techniques that will help you make better primaries, and techniques to ensure you can get the most out of the primaries you do have.

This series won't be for all of you. For many of you who play in stock class wars, most of the topics I discuss won't be applicable to your creations. Likewise, those of you who are already part of the NIC won't find a wealth of new, hidden information. But for those of you who are always striving for your better blaster, I hope these guides will help to make your first war a good one.

See you on the field.


  1. there's always room for improvement

  2. That's brilliant, I was actually just wanting a guide of sorts on this topic.

  3. I want to go to an nic war really badly but sadly there's no nerf community in the north west.

  4. looking forward to these posts, i play mostly in lightly modified events and but would love to learn more about NIC stuff