Thursday, August 9, 2012

Foam Shooter, the knock-off Nitefinder

As some of you may have heard, the Buzz Bee Panther is seeing a limited release to a select few stores. I tried checking one of the stores, my local Dollar General, but found no Buzz Bee anything. I did, however, find this knock-off Nitefinder, the Foam Shooter for $2:

At first glance, it looks a lot like a rebranded 1st gen Nitefinder with a Tech Target plunger rod. However, the similarities to either of those blasters end there. The Foam Shooter is about half the size of a Nitefinder and only about a fourth as powerful. The spring is depressingly weak and the barrel is barely 1/2" long. While the darts are not bad quality, they are thicker than Nerf darts and have a hard plastic tip, which would be dangerous if the Foam Shooter wasn't so bad. It poops darts 7-8'.

Yet despite it's inherent awfulness, I see potential for just that, an awfuls blaster. One of the biggest problems you run into while playing the awfuls round is running out of darts and the Buzz Bee blasters don't like to use streamlines, which make up the majority of my stock dart collection. With a brass barrel and some upgrades to the spring, this could be a great awfuls blaster that could use any dart. 

Size comparison to a Nerf Nitefinder



  1. Please give us an internal image mired thoughts.

  2. That's just a cross between a Tech Target and a Nite Finder. How can they not be sued?