Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Buzz Bee Jaguar

As I mentioned before, I recently went to my local Target in search of the new Buzz Bee blasters. I found all sorts of new blasters, but the only new thing from Buzz Bee that they had was the Jaguar:

The Buzz Bee Jaguar is one of the more unique designs to come out of Buzz Bee in the past few years. It bears a great resemblance to the vintage Electric Eel and Sawtooth Nerf blasters, but it still manages to be different by have the entire clip open-faced. This is important, because the clip is non-removable. 

It is a direct plunger blaster, but it utilizes one of the more unique methods of priming that I've seen. The closest thing to it would be the Nerf Longshot or the Nerf Elite series, but because it doesn't have a breach to push back the plunger rod, it simply uses the entire plunger tube instead. Because the front of the plunger tube naturally sits slightly ahead of the back of the clip, there is actually a decent seal, or at least there would be if there weren't holes along the entire left side. 

The Jaguar claims 30' out of the package and it delivers; I was impressed by the accuracy of Buzz Bee's claims. While it is a little small for my tastes, the plastic is pretty high quality. If this is the new quality of Buzz Bee blasters, they may become a serious competitor to Nerf. The Jaguar looks to be a neat pistol with a lot of potential. I plan to mod it soon, so look out for that. 



  1. This sounds like a good blaster to get considering the preformance of the blaster and that it's only $5. Buzz bee blasters are indeed getting a lot better.

  2. I just bought one today at my local target too.i've done an AR removal and it only boosted the range by five feet. I don't see much potential in the blaster other than singling it.

    1. Couldn't you do a clip removal and seal the holes in the plunger? Then couldn't you put brass,PETG,maybe cpvc,or whatever barreling material you like in the barrels of the clip and then get better ranges? I also wouldn't single it because in my opinion I like the clip feature of it.

    2. Singling ANYTHING greatly diminishes its potential, mainly in terms of ROF. An AR removal on Buzz Bee blasters has MUCH less effect as compared to Nerf blasters, mainly due to differences in the way they function. Plugging the holes in the clip, however, would yield a MASSIVE performance increase, as well as being significantly simpler and easier to do than removing the ARs from it.