Sunday, April 15, 2012

ERTL Rapid Fire Dart Gun

To the best of my knowledge, only one blaster has ever been banned at multiple NIC wars on the grounds that it was too effective and that blaster was the Doomsayer. At a time when hoppers were only an idea and homemades were just coming into popularity, the 12 shot pump action blaster that was the Doomsayer ruled the field. Even in today's field of homemades and hoppers, a well made Doomsayer is still a force to be reconed with. And at the base of it all is a company called ERTL who made the Rapid Fire Dart Gun.

The ERTL Rapid Fire Dart Gun is a toy intended to replicate the look and feel of a real shotgun. It was produced with realistic colors and even features a working safety. Only the front end gives away the fact that it is a toy. It is also a hefty blaster, weighing in at about 4 lbs (~1.8 kg). 

In its stock form, it fires large darts a distance of 20-25'. The darts are similar in size to Nerf Megas. The turret rotates on the prime and is exposed enough to load 5 darts at once. As a stock blaster, the RFDG isn't very good; its value comes from its modding potential. 

Dart Comparison (from Left to Right: Lanard Scatterblast Dart, Nerf Micro, RFDG Dart)


  1. I just picked one of these up from Amazon last week. Stock, it's forgettable. Two or three of the darts it came with fall out of the barrels if you tip the gun down :/
    As soon as I have a chance to get to a decent hardware store I'll be modding it with a combination of Forsaken_Angel's, AssassinNF's, and popatachi's mods--CPCV barrels, rotation mech spring replaced with CPVC, plunger seal improvement, and turret-to-plunger seal improvement.
    Is there a chance you'll be doing a modding write-up of the RFSG? I'd sure take it as a kindness.

    1. I will try, although when it will get done is debatable.