Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nerf Dart Tag Hyperfire Mod Guide

People have been asking for a Hyperfire mod guide forever and I've decided to stop putting it off. So here it is:

The first step to modding your Hyperfire is to open it up. There are 16 screws holding it together; 14 in the shell and 2 in the priming slide. All of the body screws are identical and the two in the priming slide are both unique. When you remove all the screws and open the shell, you should see this:

From Left to Right: Priming slide screw #1, Body Screw, Priming slide screw #2

This mod guide will cover removing the ARs and upgrading the spring. Set your tactical rail attachment aside and remove the turret. Unscrew the 5 screws from the back of the turret; they should look like this:

Open your turret and remove everything. Separate everything into two piles like so:

Dart Pegs on the left, Springs and ARs on the right

You only need the dart pegs on the left. Using a dremel, hobby knife, w/e, remove the center of each dart peg, like so. Make sure to keep the outside ring intact. You may wish to skip this step if you intend to only use stock darts.

Right: Before, Left: After

Place all the altered dart pegs back onto the turret barrels. Your turret is now done and ready to go back together.

To add a spring, remove the plunger assembly from the shell and slide out the plunger rod. You can slip the catch off the back to add another spring. I added what I believe is a barrel return spring for the Pistol Splat, but you can use whatever works for you. With this setup, I did not need to upgrade my catch.

Put everything back in the shell; it should look identical to the first picture. Screw everything back together and your done.

I saw no consistent range increases with stock darts, although I did eliminate the blaster's tendency to try and eject the darts beforehand. For an explanation, watch the video. With Stephans, I'm seeing ranges of 45-50'., which is a nice increase from the 25-30' it shoots stock. I would not recommend modding this blaster for use unless you intend to replace the internals.

Video Guide:


  1. Looks so cool wish I had one

  2. I bought two from a thrift store, and one broke while I was taking it apart (seemed like it was glued shut). I just took the spring out of the broken gun and placed it in the working gun. Got great results by doing that and removing the ARs. Much better range. Only complaint I have with the gun is the handle on the front. The priming grip is on the top, so you really don't ever use the frint handle. I plan on removing it and smoothing it all out so its like a larger Maverick.

  3. Thank you for the mod guide. As much as I've loved all the play-by-play news on the upcoming Elite series across different blogs and forums, I've missed the updated blogposts on modding. Thanks again. I've been looking for a good base for modding a Hyperfire.