Friday, April 6, 2012

Question of the Week #1

Hey guys, sorry that this is so late, but as I said, I've been busy. Anyway, this week's QotW comes from Kevin, who asked;

"Can you post your list of top 10 Nerf Blasters?"

I liked this question because it gave me an opportunity to make two separate lists; one for stock/lightly modded blasters and one for NIC-grade blasters, as well as explain the reasons why a blaster might be great for one and not the other. So without further adieu, here is my answer:

I liked this question because it gave me an opportunity to make two separate lists; one for stock/lightly modded blasters and one for NIC-grade blasters, as well as explain the reasons why a blaster might be great for one and not the other. All of the images below are from Google. So without further adieu, here is my answer:

Top 10 Stock/Lightly Modded Blasters
These are blasters that are either lightly modded or not at all and still use stock darts. Priority is generally on Rate of Fire, with Range and Capacity equally a secondary consideration.

10. Nerf Nitefinder
The Nerf Nitefinder is a cheap and simple blaster. There are many single-shot pistols, but the Nitefinder has the greatest potential of all of them.

9. Nerf Maverick

While not particularly great, the Nerf Maverick's size and price make it a decent sidearm for any battle. Simple mods can result in a six-shot blaster that punches 40'.

8. Nerf Recon

The Nerf Recon is similar to the Maverick in that its main usefulness is as a sidearm. However, the clip system means that the Recon can just be reloaded faster than the Maverick.

7. Nerf Praxis/Lumitron

The Nerf Praxis is the only Vortex blaster to make the list and for good reason. The Proton and Vigilon have too small a capacity to be primaries and the Nitron is generally abysmal. The Praxis manages to find a good middle ground and can be quite useful.

6. Nerf Swarmfire

Just as the Praxis was the only Vortex blaster to make the list, the Nerf Swarmfire is the only Dart Tag blaster to make the list. Unlike the rest of the set, the Swarmfire can easily be modified to take any kind of dart and a quick voltage mod can easily increase the Rate of Fire.

5. Nerf Stampede

Although it has two fewer shots than the Swarmfire and fewer dart options, the Nerf Stampede reloads more quickly and can get better ranges more easily.

4. Nerf Raider

The Nerf Raider is the highest-capacity Nerf blaster, not including modded Vulcans, and the slamfire and pump action are useful features to have.

3. Nerf Rayven

The Nerf Rayven is easily the best electronic or Semi-auto blaster. It achieves a better Rate of Fire than the Barricade as well as having better loading, flywheel, and electronics systems.

2. Nerf Longshot

The Nerf Longshot gets the best ranges of any Clip-system blaster ever produced. It also features a direct plunger system which is much easier to mod.

1. Nerf Alpha Trooper

While the Longshot has the best range, it can simply be too powerful for its own good. The pump-action grip and ergonomics of the Nerf Alpha Trooper make it a better blaster without custom darts and it's still capable of a good 60'.

Top 10 NIC-grade Blasters
This blasters are heavily modded and use custom darts. Priority is usually on Range first, then Rate of Fire, then Capacity.

10. Nerf Nitefinder 

Easy to mod and cheap to buy, the Nerf Nitefinder is a staple of any NIC pistol round. In addition, it's accessibility makes it a great platform for more powerful mods.

9. Tech Group Pistol Splat

The Tech Group Pistol Splat is hands down the best pistol ever produced. The lever action prime is superior to pullback in every way, and the powerful spring allows for ranges of 90-100' easily.

8. Nerf Air Tech 2000 (AT2K)

The Nerf Air Tech 2000 can be a primary on its own, but it is more commonly integrated into other blasters as a powerful backup shot. With proper modifications, it can hit 100-110'.

7. Nerf Air Tech 3000 (AT3K) 

While the Nerf Air Tech 3000 can be used as integration material, it also makes a powerful primary on its own. It has a great six shot turret and can get 130'.

6. Buzz Bee Ultimate Missile Blast (BBUMB)

Although its shape is a little strange, the Buzz Bee Ultimate Missile Blast is a very powerful air blaster, more than capable of using a hopper. It is capable of 150' with a single barrel and proper darts.

5. Buzz Bee Big Blast (4B)

The Buzz Bee Big Blast is very similar to the BBUMB, but it has a larger air tank and an ergonomically more comfortable shell. Both versions are capable of 150' with a single barrel.

4. Nerf Crossbow

The original Super Springer, the Nerf Crossbow is still one of the most sought after blasters. It is capable of 100'+ with the stock internals.

The next 3 are what I consider to be the best blasters available and each has its advantages. Realistically, any of them could occupy any one of the top 3 spots.

3. ERTL Rapid Fire Shotgun (Doomsayer)

Incredibly powerful and the only blaster to my knowledge to ever be banned for being too effective, the ERTL Rapid Fire Shot Gun is a monster of a blaster. It is effective with both its stock 12 shot turret and a hopper.

2. Lanard/Buzz Bee/Air Zone Triple Shot/Quadshot

While it has fewer shots than the Doomsayer, the Lanard Triple Shot is much cheaper and still commercially available. It is also much easier to mod and reinforce.

1. ERTL Pump Action Shotgun (PAS)

The ERTL Pump Action Shotgun has the largest stock plunger tube of any war-legal blaster. Coupled with its pump action and easy modibility, the PAS is a great blaster for any nerfer.

So what have we learned?

In play with lightly modded or stock blasters, Nerf is the dominant brand. Rate of Fire is the most important quality. Capacity is important, but quick reloading is almost more important. Range is also important, but less important than RoF.

In play with NIC blasters, there are not really any dominant brands. Range is the most important quality. Rate of Fire is the most important quality after Range, followed by Capacity. Pump action is generally the superior priming type. 

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  2. awesome list
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  3. I hope I don't regret doing this, because I'd like to get one, but the Doomsayer is $24 on Amazon right now. There are 18 left in stock.

  4. I need a alpha trooper ,,,,

  5. What a great review! Thanks for making it a simple explanatory list without getting super technical/wordy with it! Nice work! Definetly a great list of blasters there.

  6. Here's one. What can australian nerfers use for couple ring and speedloaders. (cpvc not sold in Australia)