Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nerf Ballzooka

While the Nerf Crossbow is definitely the most notable Nerf Action Blaster, there were several other blasters released with it in 1994. One of those blasters was the Nerf Ballzooka, which was the equivalent of the Action Blaster's flagship model, priced at $29.99 to the Crossbow's $24.99.

The Ballzooka is a pull-push blaster like most non-motorized ball blasters. The green handle extends out about 5" and is pushed back in to fire. Extending the green handle slightly will rotate the turret, extending it further releases the return springs allowing it to extend fully. The turret cannot be manually rotated, so learning how to extend the handle slightly is essential for selecting a barrel. 

The Ballzooka's turret has 5 barrels, each of which will hold up to 3 ballistic balls. It will only fire the older yellow ballistic balls. The Ballzooka consistently fires balls about 15', making it one of the most consistent ball blasters I've ever owned. Its range coupled with it's high capacity makes it one of the better ball blasters produced.


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