Monday, April 23, 2012

Super Soaker MDS

Although this blog is primarily devoted to Nerf and other foam dart blasters, I plan to occasionally review blaster which use other kinds of ammo, including the Splat line, Laser Tag, and Super Soakers. With that in mind, here is the Super Soaker MDS:

The Super Soaker MDS (Multi-Directional System) was one of the very first Super Soakers release by Larami back in 1993. The SS MDS is essentially a remade Super Soaker 100 with the addition of a rotatable nozzle on the front. As a result, the SS MDS can fire a stream of water 180°s from left to right, something that is just as easily accomplished by turning your body. It also adds a grip which is used to turn the nozzle and gives the user a place to put their hand.

As a soaker, the SS MDS is okay, firing a medium stream of water 25-30'. It holds enough water to fire continuously for a minute or more, though it will not hold enough air pressure to do so. It would easily be outclassed by many other models, but it is a cool collectors piece and definitely worth the dollar I paid for it. 



  1. Not bad for a 93 super soaker. You should do more super soaker reviews...

  2. Ok, so I have been wondering, What college do you go to Drac, and are you a mechanical engineer?

  3. it's okay and i have an arctic blast from 2010 and it does the same thing.lot of pumps little water.