Monday, April 9, 2012

Wipeout Pistol Splat

The original Tech Group Pistol Splat was a paintball pistol. As a paintball pistol, however, it was fairly useless. So somewhere along the line, somebody decided that it could be marketed better as a dart blaster. Thus, the Wipeout Pistol Splat version was born:


The conversion was done simply and cheaply. As such, the blaster's paintball roots are still evident. A small ring sight has capped the old hopper system and the barrel still extends outward on the prime. A dart holder and peg have been added, allowing the blaster some additional utility as a dart blaster. 

The Wipeout line is generally the weakest variant of Splat, but even so it still manages to achieve 40-50' with Nerf darts. It will also fire any kind of dart, making it useful even unmodified. 


  1. Nice review! These are very easy to mod. You can see mine here:
    I hear that yours went 300 feet with a streamline. :P

  2. He said in the beggining of the video that he got it from a Thrift Store...

  3. I'd love to run across one of these!

  4. i found a bunch of the blue ones at a store called "tuesday morning" so you can try looking there.

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