Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Air Zone Quickfire 12 Review

The Air Zone Quickfire 12 is best described as an off-brand Maverick which someone has taken the liberty of improving. Superficially, the two are very similar, with the Quickfire having a shorter turret and a hand guard. However, that is where the similarities end.

The biggest difference is that the Quickfire 12 comes with two turrets which are interchangeable. Drop clip Mavericks have been popular for a while, so the designers apparently thought that it was a good idea. The turrets are swapped by depressing a button on top and swinging the front half downward. As far as I can tell, the turrets are fairly stable.

The second improvement over the Maverick comes from the Spectre; rotating on the prime rather than the trigger pull. This means a better and more consistent seal which means better ranges and fewer misfires.

The Quickfire 12 is capable of 30' ranges with the darts it includes. The darts have solid and flat rubber heads and fly fairly well. Unlike most Air Zone blasters, the Quickfire 12 can also fire Nerf darts with no modifications.

The only problem with this blasters is how to mod it. The Quickfire 12 has no air restrictors whatsoever, and it already has a decent turret seal. The only way to mod it would be to find a suitable spring replacement, which, if it's anything like the Maverick, will be tough. For a stock blaster though, it's excellent. 

 Quickfire 12 and darts

 Front end open

Quickfire 12 and Maverick

Firing Video


  1. In the picture with both "barrel clips" shown while being compared to the maverick, is the bottom of the front barrel a clip holder? If so, it doesn't look all that effective/sturdy.

    As for the modding, why not strech the spring or use the penny&nickel mod? Or is the spring too large for the mod to be made?

    1. The spring in my blaster was to wide for penny's, and nickels are to wide for the shell.

  2. Dang ill have to pick one of these up....

  3. Don't like airzone. Not high quality

  4. I already own one, and as far as I can tell, it was astonishingly better than my maverick. As I saw in the comments there was a question whether or not the bottom storage was sturdy, it is very. It takes quite a bump to knock off the spare turret on my blaster. Mod wise the only thing I've been able to do is a 'penny' type mod where I stuffed the back with some cardboard chunks.

  5. It's a pistol from ME! 0_o
    Note to self: Get this, and be Shepard this year.

  6. Do the streamlines get the same ranges as the stock darts?
    If not, what's the difference in ranges?