Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Buzz Bee Hunter

Since you guys seem to like the Buzz Bee Hawk so much, I went and picked up its younger brother, the Buzz Bee Hunter:

The Hunter is a breached blaster that operates on a bolt system. You open the bolt, insert a dart, and push the bolt forward and down. Just like the Hawk, the trigger locks unless the bolt is down. Two darts can be stored on the side and an additional 4 can fit in the buttstock.

It's essentially a Hawk that doesn't use a clip or shells. Theoretically, this would make this the superior option in terms of usability, but that unfortunately doesn't mean much. It is slightly more reliable than the Hawk, but only slightly, and it still features the same 5-15' ranges. If your only interested in the tacticoolness, the Hawk is probably still the superior option.

The buttstock storage


  1. I love these guns. I know they don't perform well, but the bolt action breach of it is way fun. I keep wondering if there is some way to mod one of the 3 I have to make them effective.

  2. Did you find this online or in a store. I can't find it in any of the local stores.