Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Urban Taggers Down?

As of a couple days ago, the Australian Nerf blog, Urban Taggers, switched from being a public blog to a private blog. Their facebook states that this was a result of being contacted by a Hasbro lawyer team. No one is quite sure what the reason is, since Urban Taggers isn't a mod site, but the general consensus is that it has something to do with the early pictures of the Elite series.

While I doubt that we will receive a similar email, we will let you know if it looks like this phenomenon is spreading to any other site besides Urban Taggers.


  1. Main page is back up

  2. man this must be serious.
    hasbro's lawyers are with this? :I
    hmmmmmmmmmmm ding!
    i got it? lets threaten to sue? (Random) and and make these idiots leave us nerfers alone?

  3. wow! i never expected... please let us know if you find out any other info...thanks.

    Also, if the pics are out in the internet already, its not urban tagger's fault that they put it up is it? I mean, ITS ON THE INTERNET ALREADY!

  4. I take back my comment about the main page being back up. It's been down again since then.

  5. How do people join the private blog?

    1. That's what I was curious about. I'd like in & just hadn't gotten around to it since it was public.

  6. a thought occurred to me, i think nerf/hasbro is trying to sue them because the pictures probably were leaked and werent supposed to be available at that time