Saturday, March 24, 2012

Modified Nerf Spectre

The Spectre is the spiritual successor to the Maverick. Released in 2010, it has been praised for improving on many of the Maverick's flaws, most notably rotating on the prime rather than the trigger pull. It also got excellent stock ranges, making it one of the most desirable Nerf pistols.

Unfortunately, the Spectre was a Walmart exclusive, which meant that for some reason it had to be priced the same as Target's Alphatrooper and Toys R Us' Barrel Break. As such, it was marketed as a rifle, complete with a folding stock and faux barrel attachment. Neither attachment was particularly useful, so the Spectre's improvements over the Maverick are often overshadowed by the double price.

Despite it's stupidly high price, the Spectre is still one of the most effective blasters for its size. The only thing that kept the Spectre from beating out the Recon for the title of the best pistol was the lack of Orange Mod Works kit for it. However, Orange Mod Works recently released a spring for both the Maverick and the Spectre, so this has been rectified.

Opening the Spectre is relatively easy. Once you take unscrew the 14 body screws, you get your first look at the internals:

Replacing the spring is pretty self-explanatory. Keep in mind that you will need to provide your own replacement catch spring. I recommend the Home Depot Assorted Springs pack, which costs a couple of bucks.

Removing the Air Restrictors is more difficult, but only slightly. You need to unscrew the back of the turret and then pry the connecting bar out. This will likely be the most difficult part of the mod, so be careful. Once you get the turret open, you can remove all Air Restrictor-related parts and put the turret back together.

Put your Spectre back together and test it. If you upgraded the catch correctly, you should now have a 5 shot pistol that gets 45-50' ranges with any kind of dart.

Finished Result


  1. U know it's kinda funny. Hasbro hasn't released any info on a nerf elite Spector or Maverick

  2. Nice mod guide. Can you make one for the pistol splat??

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