Thursday, March 22, 2012

DONT BUY the supa splat ss-10

So below you will find my review of the supa-splat ss-10 paintball blaster, which is awful and has little to no nerf application. At first it looks good with 65 foot claimed ranges and a trigger to boot, but both of these things are lies. the trigger is not a firing mechanism and the ranges are about 20 feet with a 10 mph tailwind. If you decide to watch the video, note how I start off excited about unboxing a new toy, then become confused by its awfulness and eventually resign in defeat because I know I've been cheated out of 10 bones.


  1. Totally legit ey, they even cheated free advertising out of you. Thos basprofishingturds.

  2. Couldn't you do some sort of mod as the plunger tube looks quite big.
    On a unrelated note after watching your armory video thinking you could try a alpha trooper pistol, basically moving the cocking mech and removing the barrel.

  3. does that thing even have a ar