Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Supa Splat Matrix SS-10 Review and Mod Guide

The Supa Splat Matrix SS-10 is a small caliber paintball gun made by the same company that produces the Pistol Splat and its variants. Since I enjoy the power of the Pistol Splat, I was eager to try out this new blaster, even though it lacked the cool lever-action prime. It claimed 65' out of the box, which was more than enough for me.
Unfortunately, this blaster is a dirty, dirty lie. There is no catch in the blaster at all; the trigger is used solely to reload to load paintballs and to ruin the dreams of children. To fire the blaster, you first load one of the tubular  clips into the top. You then pull and release the trigger to load one paintball. After the paintball is loaded, you pull back the plunger rod and then, release it, firing your paintball an amazing 20'. The paintballs are also of an inferior quality; they burst fine against hard surfaces, but against softer targets (like a person wearing a shirt), they completely fail to splat. 

Even though the blaster was a complete failure, it still had a trigger and a decent draw, so I figured I would mod it and build myself a catch if I had to. To get the thing open, you have to remove 6 screws and cut through the silver piece that holds the clips, the orange front piece that guides the barrel, and two stickers. I finally got it open to find my worst fears had been realized:

This blaster is powered entirely by an elastic bungee. There is literally zero way to increase the power or build a catch to utilize the tacticool trigger. However, it did have a decent seal, so I figured I'd at least try and coupler the thing. I've seen similar bungee blasters hit 70'-80', so it was worth a shot. A small stub of 1/2" thinwall PVC fit snugly over the small plastic stub of the plunger tube, and a 1/2" coupler fit onto that.

With some dremeling to fit the coupler inside the shell and allow the barrel to slid in and out easily, the blaster was modded and ready to go. It can now fire darts an amazing 30'-40'. With some luck, a dart may even go 50'.

In summary, don't buy this blaster for any reason. It was a complete waste of money.


  1. Wow never do that again huh? I'd have expected more from them since they made the pistol splat

  2. What a letdown! I loved my pistol spat before someone walked away with it at a party: that thing was really well made.....this is not.

    A shame. ever consider swapping out the bungee for a extension spring? that would add more power to the thing.

  3. You couldn't really do that, there's no way to really get the bungee out without cutting it and no way to get the extension spring in without destroying the plunger tube. I'm sure it could be possible, but it would take several hours and it would still be a pull-release blaster.