Monday, March 19, 2012

Marshmallow Mforcer Blaster

The Marshmallow Mforcer is a marshmallow blaster released by the Marshmallow Fun Company. It is a 15 shot semi-auto air blaster made to fire mini-marshmallows. Despite being shaped and sized like a small football, it works very well.

The concept of this blaster is very cool. It's essentially a pocket Magstrike and it fires as fast as you can pull the trigger. Unlike the Barricade, there isn't a complicated mechanism to operate, so I can fire off all 15 shots in about 3 seconds. This would make the Mforcer a great holdout blaster for a game like HvZ.

The major issue for this blaster is that the black piece on the front prevents darts from being loaded. It's a simple matter to take it off though and replace it with a chunk of 3/4" PVC. I beat mine with a hammer, but it probably would have been better to boil it off.

With the black piece gone, I can now shoot darts about 10-20'. The first few shots go the furthest, and then they average out to about 10-15'. While the ranges are nothing spectacular, the RoF is, and with actual barrels I think this could be a great blaster. I will definitely be revisiting it down the road.

Pump Handle replacement


  1. wait so all you did was take off that huge black piece?

  2. And replaced it with a chunk of PVC, yes. The purpose of this was just to show the potential of the Mforcer as a dart blaster and I felt that that was simple enough to not need an explanation. There will be a more in-depth mod guide later.

  3. So was it a relatively simple mod